Israeli Foreign minister Lieberman: a ‘free democratic state like Israel’

Only God and some people who think they are God, are impeccable: The Israeli Foreign minister Lieberman


Israeli Foreign minister Lieberman:

“There is far more than decisive evidence. These people are closer to Iran, Hezbollah, North Korea in their values.”

“Our intelligence services are of the best in the world and are also very, very responsible people.”

“Without serious, decisive evidence, they would not have taken such a step. I suggest all those countries and people who accuse us take a look in the mirror and a look at the norms of democracy in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and all the other countries. No one can preach morals to us.”

“There is far more than general suspicions, and I suggest we really understand that there are quite a few people even here among us with the same values and world view as Iran, Hezbollah, and North Korea. They are much closer to the values of these countries that the values of a free democratic state like Israel. These people should be isolated from society.”,7340,L-3887813,00.html



2 thoughts on “Israeli Foreign minister Lieberman: a ‘free democratic state like Israel’

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  2. kruitvat Post author

    The only ‘crime’ of Ameer Makhoul was the following letter. It’s clear that Ameer Makhoul knows too much and that the Israeli government feels uncomfortable with him.

    Keep looking to Beirut and Gaza not to Haifa

    Haifa, July 19, 2006

    Dear friend,

    Thanks to every one of you who did contact us in ittijah as we based in Haifa and asked for our safety. It’s a very encouraging contact. It’s again to know what friends are for.

    Me, my colleagues and families are safe and will take care to our selves, but PLEASE keep your eye raised to the biggest crime of the terror state of Israel in Lebanon. Keep the other eye looking to the ongoing destruction of Gaza. Keep your ears aware to two voices: one to Tel-Aviv where the Israeli war and destructions decision making, while the other ear to listen to the voices of the victims in Beirut, South Lebanon and Gaza.

    In several places, villages and towns in South Lebanon and some neighborhood in Beirut there are no ore voices because of the silence following the total destruction, ethnic cleansing and “mini” massacres which are considerable for the ears of the G8 leaders, the EU and the international community and even to several Arab leaders. This Israeli terror is as usual fully supported by USA.

    It’s not a war, it’s Israeli aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity, it’s as the Israeli Head of Staff declared with big smile (16 July): “The Southern Neighborhood of Beirut (Al-DaHiya) doesn’t exist any more”.

    81% of the Israeli public opinion is urging the government to go ahead and to escalate the aggression.

    The state of Israel behaves as terrorist entity, the Israeli government as well the Israeli media are over satisfied from the international community support and understanding. The Head of Staff perceived this international support as green line in order to continue with the destruction of Lebanon.

    What’s about the guilt? the guilt is of the whole world. Lebanon is totally destructed with actions of ethnic cleansing, war crimes and acts of “mini” genocide, with total support of US and the EU is silent and understanding, while Tony Blair declared (17 July) the need for sending international forces in order to protect the Northern Israeli boarders!!

    The international legitimacy never had been valid in order to commit Israel to. It’s became a tool to which abused by Israel to justify their crimes. It’s to abused in order to oblige the Palestinians and Lebanese to be conformist to the roles of US-Israel hegemony in the Middle East.

    I urge all of you don’t accept the Israeli language and narrative which is trying to give the impression of war. The media coverage which makes balance between Beirut and Haifa means supporting the Israeli aggression. The Israeli foreign ministry and media strategy is to focus the international media on Haifa not on Beirut and not on Gaza. This is the attempt to oblige the whole world to look by Israeli glasses.

    I want also to make clear that WE the Palestinian citizens of Israel reject the Israeli propaganda which is trying to say that we are in the same boat. We are not, we are not part of the Israeli total public support to the Israeli war, we are not part of the Israeli media which adopted the position of war vehicle, we are not victims of the Lebanese resistance to Israeli aggression but victims of Israel which is risking us all the time by its both internal and external policies. We are part of the Arab peoples and specifically Palestinian people where our people are suffering the Israeli aggression in both Gaza and the refugee’s camps in Lebanon. This is our ‘boat’, and our hearts are there these days not in Haifa where we based.

    So, please keep asking about our safety it’s important for us and for you, but the most important is to keep raising your eyes to Beirut, South Lebanon and Gaza, and decide what you can do to stop the Israeli crime.


    Ameer Makhoul


    Ittijah – Union of Arab Community Based Associations

    (UN ECOSOC Special consultative status)

    P.O.Box 9577

    Haifa 31095

    Tel: +972 4 850 7110

    Fax: +972 4 850 7241



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