Lieberman: ‘No one can preach to us’


Intelligence officers are taught not to be involved in politics. From the day they take their oaths–or earlier, even, in application interviews–their managers and instructors repeatedly tell them that they are to be nonpartisan in their work and never to align themselves with any external political agendas. They are taught that their roles are to collect and report information as accurately as possible, and to analyze it without bias or preconceptions. Indeed, in this belief system the highest achievement is to deliver analysis that a consumer might find unpalatable, for it confirms the integrity of the system and its officers.

Jan Boeykens


2 thoughts on “Lieberman: ‘No one can preach to us’

  1. kruitvat Post author


    The expression ‘Jewish, democratic state’ proves that the Shin Bet does not understand what democracy means.
    And as Collette Avital says, it’s indeed ridiculous that the Sin Bet says that she has ‘to protect the Jewish character of Israel’.
    That explains why the Shin Bet accuses Palestinian leaders of “espionage” and locks them up in prisons without the right to a lawyer and a fair trial.
    I also have the personal impression that the Shin Bet execute the political program of the ultra-nationalist Israeli government. That is not her job and it is a phenomenon that occurs primarily in totalitarian states.
    One of the intentions of the Israeli government is to break the will and resistance of the Palestinian people by silencing the Palestinian leaders inside and outside Israel.

  2. kruitvat Post author

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