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Gaza children return from Slovenia with prosthetic limbs


Gaza – Ma’an – Ten children returned to Gaza from Slovenia on Friday, fitted with prosthetic limbs thanks to a rehabilitation project initiated by Slovenia’s president, Danilo Turk.
The children, who lost limbs in Israel’s attack on the Strip in December 2008, were treated at Ljubljana’s Institute for Rehabilitation.

President Turk visited the West Bank shortly after the war, and promised that the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance, set up by the Slovenian government in 1998, would offer its expertise and support to Gaza’s child amputees.

Last year, 32 children were flown to the Slovenian capital where they were fitted with artificial limbs and trained to use them.

Child amputees constantly outgrow their prosthetic limbs, and need regular re-fittings. The campaign, co-sponsored by the US, Sweden, and South Korea, also brings physiotherapists and doctors from Gaza to Slovenia to receive specialist training.

Qatari emir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani visited the latest round of children to benefit from the project in the Slovenian capital, and donated €100,000 to bring another group of children to the center.

Healthcare in Gaza is severely restricted by Israel’s four-year siege. Israel controls what medical equipment is allowed inside, and Palestinians must obtain permission to receive treatment at specialist hospitals in Jerusalem, a lengthy and often unsuccessful process.

More than 260 people died in Gaza last year because Israel refused these permits, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health estimates.



Stop Apartheid !


Victims of South Africa’s apartheid government won the right to sue General Motors, IBM and other multi-national corporations for complicity in human rights abuses.
That decision came more than six years after victims’ groups first began litigation against the string of auto makers, computer giants and banks who allegedly aided the South African government in its violent repression of blacks…


Road to hope – Convoy to Gaza

Road to Hope (previously known as Life Line 5 to Gaza LL5) is an independent, temporary collective of experienced international convoy and flotilla members, peace and non-violence activists, members of NGOs acting in a personal capacity, and many others from a broad range of backgrounds, countries and different organisations.
We are normal people, humanitarians, with one common aim of contributing to the world-wide effort to break the siege and blockade of Gaza by bringing practical aid to its people, alongside highlighting the plight of all Palestinians around the world, whether in diaspora among middle east and western countries, denied their rights and citizenships or subjected to occupation, oppression, imprisonment, collective punishment, apartheid and ethnic cleansing by, bravely, continuing their cultured, highly educated way of life in Palestine and Israel.
Road to Hope is just one small project of many in this field.  However, it has its own particular flavour: experienced convoyers with a passion to succeed for the broadest base of Palestinians possible.  We are unaffiliated to any political organisations and have no single faith bias.  Instead, refreshingly, we welcome people of all political backgrounds and religious leanings; yet we are subjective by not condoning the kinds of extremism that lead to facism, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, anti-semitism in its true sense, sexism and the like.
The way we implement this subjectivity is through a collective vetting process, built around our understanding of the strains of being on the road in extreme conditions, and of trying to achieve a positive result for Palestinians of all hues.  All potential participants will be asked to attend a training weekend prior to departure, which will help them recognise whether our venture is appropriate for them or not..
Humanitarian aid convoy travelling through Europe and North Africa, to reach Gaza through Rafah crossing at the same time as “Freedom Flotilla 2” arrives at Gaza port by sea.
Medical, family, educational, small business set-ups

Monsanto: misdaad loont

Slechts 10 bedrijven controleren bijna de helft van de mondiale zaadmarkt. Monsanto is onlangs het grootste zaadbedrijf ter wereld geworden.

Monsanto was de producent van Agent Orange dat in de oorlog tegen Vietnam op grote schaal werd gebruikt. Tussen 1962 en 1971 sproeide het Amerikaanse leger bijna 46 miljoen liter van het ontbladeringsmiddel over Zuid-Vietnam en delen van Cambodja en Laos. De bedoeling was om Vietcongopstandelingen en Noord-Vietnamese troepen zo dekking van de dichte jungle en voedsel te ontnemen. De Vietnamezen (en de amerikaanse Vietnam-soldaten) kampen nog steeds met gezondheidsproblemen door het landbouwgif.

Monsanto is ook de producent van Aspartaam. Ondanks onderzoek dat uitwees dat Aspartaam, beter gekend als NutraSweet (o.a. Canderel), verantwoordelijk was voor hersenkankers bij proefdieren, werd het zoetmiddel vanaf 1981 door de Amerikaanse Food and Drug Administration (FDA) goedgekeurd voor voedingsmiddelen. De goedkeuring was puur gebaseerd op politieke en financiële belangen, niet op wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Het zoetmiddel zit in meer dan 6000 voedingsmiddelen verwerkt. Van kindervitamines over dranken, brood, snoepgoed tot andere zoals kauwgum. Vanwege de steeds grotere toename van kanker, obesitas, diabetes, hoge cholesterol, hartfalen, migraine, blindheid, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgie, lupus, ALS, Alzheimer, Parkinson, autisme, ADHD, asthma, epilepsie, depressies, osteoporosis, arthritis, alergiën enz, wordt aangenomen dat Aspartaam hier mede verantwoordelijk voor is.

Op 31 augustus 2008 sloot Monsanto zijn boekjaar af met een recordwinst van 2 miljard dollar (1.47 miljard Euro).

– Monsanto – wie de voeding beheerst, beheerst de wereld
– Grote bedrijven: Monsanto
– Amerikaans landbouwgif uit de oorlog nekt Vietnamezen

Boycott Israel – Support Olympia!

datum: 21 juli 2010 19:32
onderwerp: support boycott

Dear Sir,

Following yesterday’s Olympia decision to boycott Israeli products and stop selling through out their stores, the pro Israeli lobby has bombarded you with many phone calls as well as huge volume of hate e-mail’s.

I support your decision to boycott the criminal politic of the Israeli government and the Israeli Apartheidssystem.

Send me information about the actions. So I can share and publish it.

Sincerely yours,

Jan Boeykens
President of Werkgroep Morkhoven
Faiderstraat 10
1060 Sint-Gillis (Brussels)

Info about us:
(damaged by the conversion of Belgacom-Skynet to a new system and actually blocked for an unknown reason) (actually blocked for an unknown reason. 10 days ago this blog was hacked and all our images disappeared)

Lymor – Une balle dans la tête – cadeau de la “valeureuse” [HQ]

Lymor Goldstein, un israélien d’origine Allemande et Rina Klauman, citoyen danois de Copenhague, ont été blessés à la tête par les forces israéliennes au cours d’une manifestation dans le village palestinien de Bil’in le vendredi 11 août 2006 . La manifestation était contre la confiscation de près de 60 % des terres de Bil’in par le mur de séparation et les colonies juives.
Ce que j’ai retenu, c’est que même des juifs ashkénazes se battent et se sont battus pour qu’enfin les palestiniens puissent vivre en paix et recouvrer tous leurs droits. L’armée dans cette vidéo, me fait penser à des robocops sans ames et qui ne comprennent même pas ce qu’on leur dit.

Palestinian children are detained in Israeli prisons

He went out to play with his friends and was abducted by strangers who beat him and later he was forced to sign a confession. He was then sent to an adult prison. Mohammad (14 years old at the time) was playing with friends on a hill near his village (Biddu, near Ramallah) on 4 February 2008 when he was suddenly apprehended by four men dressed in civilian clothes. The men grabbed Mohammad knocking him to the ground; they struck him several times on the head with a gun whilst his face was sprayed with tear gas. The men then blindfolded him and tied his hands and feet with plastic cuffs before throwing him into the back of a vehicle. Mohammad was interrogated in the absence of a lawyer, deceived into signing a confession to throwing stones, and imprisoned in Israel for four-and-a-half months.

More information can be found here-

Defence for Children Internatinal – Palestine Section
Organisational Profile-…