Revolution: Libya bombed by NATO – Gaza bombed by Israel

If people are angry because Gaza is bombed, they can seek assistance from NATO which is coming up for the rebels in Libya 😉



In 1986 the US launched air strikes on Libya.
At least 100 people have died after USA planes bombed targets in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the Benghazi region.


US launches air strikes on Libya

At least 100 people have died after USA planes bombed targets in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the Benghazi region.
Around 66 American jets, some of them flying from British bases launched an attack at around 0100hrs on Monday.
The White House spokesman, Larry Speakes, has said that the strike was directed at key military sites but reports suggest that missiles also hit Bin Ashur, a densely populated suburb in the capital.
Colonel Muamar Gaddafi residential compound took a direct hit that killed Hanna Gaddafi, the adopted baby daughter of the Libyan leader.
President Reagan has justified the attacks by accusing Libya of direct responsibility for terrorism aimed at America, such as the bombing of La Belle discoteque in West Berlin 10 days ago.
President Reagan made a TV address to the American people two hours after the attack.
In it he said : “When our citizens are attacked or abused anywhere in the world on the direct orders of hostile regimes, we will respond so long as I’m in this office.”
He argued that America was exercising its right to self defence as defined by Article 51 of the UN charter.
The presidential spokesman, Larry Speakes, said, “US forces have executed a series of carefully planned air strikes against terrorist targets in Libya.”
He added: “Every effort has been made to avoid hitting civilian targets.”
The attacks began soon after an increase in coded radio traffic between US ships and planes off the Libyan coast had been noticed.
The fighter jets appear to have been both carrier based aircraft, operating in the Mediterranean and British based bombers which would have refuelled in mid air.
The Americans hit the harbour’s naval academy, the capital’s military airport and army barracks.
Tripoli’s embassy area and residential districts also suffered extensive damage.
The Tripoli central hospital and two other medical centres say they have treated hundreds of injured people, including a number of Greeks, Italians and Yugoslavs.
Mobs of angry survivors have taken to the streets shouting: “Down, down USA. Death to all Americans.”
There are also fears that Britain may be subject to terrorist attacks because some of its involvement in the raids.
The Syrian based terrorist group, Arab Revolutionary Cells, has announced on Lebanese radio that it will target both British and American interests.


4 thoughts on “Revolution: Libya bombed by NATO – Gaza bombed by Israel

  1. kruitvat Post author

    US Aggression And Murder Since 1945
    by Jeff Prager, 23.3.2011

    1946 – Thailand (Pridi; conservative): success (Covert operation)

    1946 – Argentina (Peron; military/centrist): failure (Subverted election)

    1947 – France (comm…unist): success (Subverted election)

    1947 – Philippines (center-left): success (Subverted election)

    1947 – Romania (Gheorghiu-Dej; stalinist): failure (Covert operation)

    1948 – Italy (communist): success (Subverted election)

    1948 – Colombia (Gaitan; populist/leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1948 – Peru (Bustamante; left/centrist): success (Covert operation)

    1949 – Syria (Kuwatli; neutralist/Pan-Arabist): success (Covert operation)

    1949 – China (Mao; communist): failure (Covert operation)

    1950 – Albania (Hoxha; communist): failure (Covert operation)

    1951 – Bolivia (Paz; center/neutralist): success (Covert operation)

    1951 – DPRK (Kim; stalinist): failure (Overt force)

    1951 – Poland (Cyrankiewicz; stalinist): failure (Covert operation)

    1951 – Thailand (Phibun; conservative): success (Covert operation)

    1952 – Egypt (Farouk; monarchist): success (Covert operation)

    1952 – Cuba (Prio; reform/populist): success (Covert operation)

    1952 – Lebanon (left/populist): success: (Subverted election)

    1953 – British Guyana (left/populist): success (Covert operation)

    1953 – Iran (Mossadegh; liberal nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1953 – Costa Rica (Figueres; reform liberal): failure (Covert operation)

    1953 – Philippines (center-left): success (Subverted election)

    1954 – Guatemala (Arbenz; liberal nationalist): success (Overt force)

    1955 – Costa Rica (Figueres; reform liberal): failure (Covert operation)

    1955 – India (Nehru; neutralist/socialist): failure (Covert operation)

    1955 – Argentina (Peron; military/centrist): success (Covert operation)

    1955 – China (Zhou; communist): failure (Covert operation)

    1955 – Vietnam (Ho; communist): success (Subverted election)

    1956 – Hungary (Hegedus; communist): success (Covert operation)

    1957 – Egypt (Nasser; military/nationalist): failure (Covert operation)

    1957 – Haiti (Sylvain; left/populist): success (Covert operation)

    1957 – Syria (Kuwatli; neutralist/Pan-Arabist): failure (Covert operation)

    1958 – Japan (left-center): success (Subverted election)

    1958 – Chile (leftists): success (Subverted election)

    1958 – Iraq (Feisal; monarchist): success (Covert operation)

    1958 – Laos (Phouma; nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1958 – Sudan (Sovereignty Council; nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1958 – Lebanon (leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1958 – Syria (Kuwatli; neutralist/Pan-Arabist): failure (Covert operation)

    1958 – Indonesia (Sukarno; militarist/neutralist): failure (Subverted election)

    1959 – Laos (Phouma; nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1959 – Nepal (left-centrist): success (Subverted election)

    1959 – Cambodia (Sihanouk; moderate/neutralist): failure (CO)

    1960 – Ecuador (Ponce; left/populist): success (Covert operation)

    1960 – Laos (Phouma; nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1960 – Iraq (Qassem; rightist /militarist): failure (Covert operation)

    1960 – S. Korea (Syngman; rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1960 – Turkey (Menderes; liberal): success (Covert operation)

    1961 – Haiti (Duvalier; rightist/militarist): success (Covert operation)

    1961 – Cuba (Castro; communist): failure (Covert operation)

    1961 – Congo (Lumumba; leftist/pan-Africanist): success (Covert operation)

    1961 – Dominican Republic (Trujillo; rightwing/military): success (Covert operation)

    1962 – Brazil (Goulart; liberal/neutralist): failure (Subverted election)

    1962 – Dominican Republic ( left/populist): success (Subverted election)

    1962 – Indonesia (Sukarno; militarist/neutralist): failure (Covert operation)

    1963 – Dominican Republic (Bosch; social democrat): success (Covert operation)

    1963 – Honduras (Montes; left/populist): success (Covert operation)

    1963 – Iraq (Qassem; militarist/rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1963 – S. Vietnam (Diem; rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1963 – Cambodia (Sihanouk; moderate/neutralist): failure (Covert operation)

    1963 – Guatemala (Ygidoras; rightist/reform): success (Covert operation)

    1963 – Ecuador (Velasco; reform militarist): success (Covert operation)

    1964 – Guyana (Jagan; populist/reformist): success (Covert operation)

    1964 – Bolivia (Paz; centrist/neutralist): success (Covert operation)

    1964 – Brazil (Goulart; liberal/neutralist): success (Covert operation)

    1964 – Chile (Allende; social democrat/marxist): success (Subverted election)

    1965 – Indonesia (Sukarno; militarist/neutralist): success (Covert operation)

    1966 – Ghana (Nkrumah; leftist/pan-Africanist): success (Covert operation)

    1966 – Bolivia (leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1966 – France (de Gaulle; centrist): failure (Covert operation)

    1967 – Greece (Papandreou; social democrat): success (Covert operation)

    1968 – Iraq (Arif; rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1969 – Panama (Torrijos; military/reform populist): failure (Covert operation)

    1969 – Libya (Idris; monarchist): success (Covert operation)

    1970 – Bolivia (Ovando; reform nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1970 – Cambodia (Sihanouk; moderate/neutralist): success (Covert operation)

    1970 – Chile (Allende; social democrat/Marxist): failure (Subverted election)

    1971 – Bolivia (Torres; nationalist/neutralist): success (Covert operation)

    1971 – Costa Rica (Figueres; reform liberal): failure (Covert operation)

    1971 – Liberia (Tubman; rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1971 – Turkey (Demirel; center-right): success (Covert operation)

    1971 – Uruguay (Frente Amplio; leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1972 – El Salvador (leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1972 – Australia (Whitlam; liberal/labor): failure (Subverted election)

    1973 – Chile (Allende; social democrat/Marxist): success (Covert operation)

    1975 – Australia (Whitlam; liberal/labor): success (Covert operation)

    1975 – Congo (Mobutu; military/rightist): failure (Covert operation)

    1975 – Bangladesh (Mujib; nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1976 – Jamaica (Manley; social democrat): failure (Subverted election)

    1976 – Portugal (JNS; military/leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1976 – Nigeria (Mohammed; military/nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1976 – Thailand (rightist……): success (Covert operation)

    1976 – Uruguay (Bordaberry; center-right): success (Covert operation)

    1977 – Pakistan (Bhutto: center/nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1978 – Dominican Republic (Balaguer; center): success (Subverted election)

    1979 – S. Korea (Park; rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1979 – Nicaragua (Sandinistas; leftist): failure (Covert operation)

    1980 – Bolivia (Siles; centrist/reform): success (Covert operation)

    1980 – Iran (Khomeini; Islamic nationalist): failure (Covert operation)

    1980 – Italy (leftist): success (Covert operation)

    1980 – Liberia (Tolbert; rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1980 – Jamaica (Manley; social democrat): success (Subverted election)

    1980 – Dominica (Seraphin; leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1980 – Turkey (Demirel; center-right): success (Covert operation)

    1981 – Seychelles (René; socialist): failure (Covert operation)

    1981 – Spain (Suarez; rightist/neutralist): failure (Covert operation)

    1981 – Panama (Torrijos; military/reform populist); success (Covert operation)

    1981 – Zambia (Kaunda; reform nationalist): failure (Covert operation)

    1982 – Mauritius (center-left): failure (Subverted election)

    1982 – Spain (Suarez; rightist/neutralist): success (Subverted election)

    1982 – Iran (Khomeini; Islamic nationalist): failure (Covert operation)

    1982 – Chad (Oueddei; Islamic nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1983 – Mozambique (Machel; socialist): failure (Covert operation)

    1983 – Grenada (Bishop; socialist): success (Overt force)

    1984 – Panama (reform/centrist): success (Subverted election)

    1984 – Nicaragua (Sandinistas; leftist): failure (Subverted election)

    1984 – Surinam (Bouterse; left/reformist/neutralist): success (Covert operation)

    1984 – India (Gandhi; nationalist): success (Covert operation)

    1986 – Libya (Qaddafi; Islamic nationalist): failure (Overt force)

    1987 – Fiji (Bavrada; liberal): success (Covert operation)

    1989 – Panama (Noriega; military/reform populist): success (Overt force)

    1990 – Haiti (Aristide; liberal reform): failure (Subverted election)

    1990 – Nicaragua (Ortega; Christian socialist): success (Subverted election)

    1991 – Albania (Alia; communist): success (Subverted election)

    1991 – Haiti (Aristide; liberal reform): success (Covert operation)

    1991 – Iraq (Hussein; military/rightist): failure (Overt force)

    1991 – Bulgaria (BSP; communist): success (Subverted election)

    1992 – Afghanistan (Najibullah; communist): success (Covert operation)

    1993 – Somalia (Aidid; right/militarist): failure (Overt force)

    1993 – Cambodia (Han Sen/CPP; leftist): failure (Subverted election)

    1993 – Burundi (Ndadaye; conservative): success (Covert operation)

    1994 – El Salvador (leftist): success (Subverted election)

    1994 – Rwanda (Habyarimana; conservative): success (Covert operation)

    1994 – Ukraine (Kravchuk; center-left): success (Subverted election)

    1996 – Bosnia (Karadzic; centrist): success (Covert operation)

    1996 – Congo (Mobutu; military/rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1996 – Mongolia (center-left): success (Subverted election)

    1998 – Congo (Kabila; rightist/military): success (Covert operation)

    1998 – Indonesia (Suharto; military/rightist): success (Covert operation)

    1999 – Yugoslavia (Milosevic; left/nationalist): success (Subverted election)

    2000 – Ecuador (NSC; leftist): success: (Covert operation)

    2001 – Afghanistan (Omar; rightist/Islamist): success (Overt force)

    2001 – Belarus (Lukashenko; leftist): failure (Subverted election)

    2001 – Nicaragua (Ortega; Christian socialist): success (Subverted election)

    2001 – Nepal (Birendra; nationalist/monarchist): success (Covert operation)

    2002 – Venezuela (Chavez; reform-populist): failure (Covert operation)

    2002 – Bolivia (Morales; leftist/MAS): success (Subverted election)

    2002 – Brazil (Lula; center-left): failure (Subverted election)


    Chronological list of US air warfare campaigns:

    China (1945-49): conventional; biological

    Korea (1950-53): conventional; biological; chemical; incendiary

    China (1951-52): conventional; biological; chemical

    Guatemala (1954): conventional

    Indonesia (1958): conventional

    Cuba (1959-61): conventional; (biochemical attacks in other years)

    Guatemala (1960): conventional

    Vietnam (1961-73): conventional; chemical; biological; cluster

    Congo (1964): conventional

    Peru (1965): conventional

    Laos (1964-73): conventional; chemical; biological; cluster

    Guatemala (1967-69): conventional

    Cambodia (1969-70): conventional; chemical; biological

    Cambodia (1975): conventional

    El Salvador (1980-89): conventional

    Nicaragua (1980-89): conventional

    Grenada (1983): conventional

    Lebanon (1983-4): conventional

    Syria (1984): conventional

    Libya (1986): conventional

    Iran (1987): conventional

    Panama (1989): conventional; chemical; biological

    Iraq (1991): conventional; chemical; biological; cluster; DU

    Kuwait (1991): conventional; chemical; biological; cluster; DU

    Somalia (1993): conventional

    Bosnia (1993-95): conventional; cluster; DU

    Sudan (1998): conventional; biological

    Afghanistan (1998): conventional

    Yugoslavia (1999): conventional; chemical; biological; cluster; DU

    Afghanistan (2001-present): conventional; chemical; biological; cluster; DU

    Iraq (2003-present): conventional; chemical; biological; cluster; DU

  2. kruitvat Post author

    The Iraqi revolution with the support of U.S. bombing, was a big success…

    Some weeks ago, tens of thousands of Iraqis protested against our democracy. Surrounded by hundreds of police, soldiers and rooftop snipers, with military helicopters buzzing overhead, protesters waved Iraqi flags and signs reading “Bring the Light Back” (a reference to the lack of electricity), “No to Corruption!” and “I’m a Peaceful Man.” Security forces used tear gas, water cannons, sound bombs and live bullets to disperse the crowds. At least 19 people were killed. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said that Iraq’s security forces “generally have not used force against peaceful protesters.”

  3. kruitvat Post author

    The Palestinian revolution: U.N. resolutions blocked by Washington – Gaza bombed by Israeli air planes

    November 15, 2010 – ’U.S. President Barack Obama has praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for urging his cabinet to accept a U.S. proposal to extend a freeze on West Bank settlement building for 90 days. Under the plan, Washington would block UN resolutions critical of Israel, and supply Israel with fighter jets worth $3 billion. The US government also promised Israel that after the 90-day moratorium, they would not seek an extension, and settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (all of which is illegal under international law) could continue unabated.’

    February 19, 2011 – Israel ‘deeply appreciates’ U.S. veto on UN resolution condemning settlements. Israel said it was deeply grateful to the United States on Saturday after it vetoed a United Nations resolution put forward by the Palestinian leadership condemning Israeli settlement activity. “Israel deeply appreciates the decision by President Obama to veto the Security Council Resolution”, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement. Israel was “prepared to pursue negotiations vigorously” and was “eager to get on” with Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the premier’s office said. The “decision by the US makes it clear that the only path to such a peace will come through direct negotiations and not through the decisions of international bodies,” it continued.


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