Actions before NATO headquarters

We need an international movement. A combination of actions, and actions + information on the Internet. Let us hope that In Germany they will also organize actions before the NATO headquarters.
It is important to know that NAVO kills not only people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya but that NAVO kills also people in the U.S. and western countries. All the money that is spend to kill people (weapon industry) and to build very expensive buildings for the NATO, can be used for social welfare, health and development projects.

Photo: Nato’s new headquarters in Brussels


Nato’s new headquarters in Brussels will cost its members €1billion (£841 million) at a time of deep cuts to British defence budgets and despite promises by the Alliance to cut its costs.

Officials confirmed the rising scale of the cost against a background of Nato pledges to reduce its command structure, agencies and national HQs by 30 per cent in response to savage defence cuts in most of its 28 member states. But despite the promises of cuts to Nato bureaucracy, construction began in mid-December on a stylish new building to house military officials. Work is scheduled to finish in 2015.

7 Feb 2011, Bruno Waterfield, Brussels THE TELEGRAPH


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