Libya: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

MOSCOW, May 16. In Moscow on 17 May expect representatives from Tripoli. This was announced today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a meeting with Special Envoy of UN Secretary General to Libya Ilaha Abdel al-Khatib, ITAR-TASS.


3 thoughts on “Libya: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

  1. kruitvat Post author

    Global electronic Libyan army -Support Gaddafi And Defeat the Invasion-Doc
    Nato bombing of civilian areas (places that were bombed include building human rights – Attorney-General and the Judiciary – charities – cultural centers – Center for Rehabilitation of Persons with Ctejat private – and public library)

    Explanation: this is a civilian area as you see where people’s houses were bombed and knocked down. Destruction all around the place. on 1st-4-2011 a lot of people were injured in western Libya in Alkhums city.NATO bombing A city called Alkhums 100 km from the capital city Tripoli why bomb houses in Alkums?—- is it a fly zone or a lie zone?——i thought that they are protecting civilians—–do they protect civilians by bombing their houses?——— we also thought that the “fly zone” was targeting the Libyan army, camps and their tanks??

    these are a basic questions that the Libyan civilians ask NATO for an ANSWER to them

  2. kruitvat Post author

    the translation of the video:
    a civilian:: is explaining to the journalists what he saw and how it happened,”We where horrified and we didn’t get any sleep that night”.

    the doctor in the hospital:::this is the bombing to the city of Alkums,
    on Friday 1st of April 2011, and as u can see your selves the injured people in the hospital– who where treated by the doctors.

    Tens od civilians killed on 31st of March in Ghryan city in western Libya.
    Man: After Fajr prayer -in the dawn- I went to wash and then I went to pray in another room, there was a huge shake in the building, I ran to the other room again where my baby was sleeping I found the romm full of smoke and I found my baby throw to the other side of the room and a bomb shell beside him. Part of the shell was stuck to his face but I took it off him then I ran ti the hospital with him. The doctor say that he also has 3 fractures in his left leg , in the thigh, and he has bleeding also on the other side. Look at his face, we could hardly take the shell off his face here. Doctors say that he has to stay like that rapped for two weeks, but God only knows what will happen.
    Note: the child passed away .
    Men in the hospital: may Allah protect Gadaffi and make him win ,we are not going anywhere , we will stay beside him.
    Lady1: May Allah give him victory and help him, Muammer, he is the father of all of us, may Allah reward him happiness.
    Lady 2: Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest ,he will take revenge. Allah and Gaddafi and Libya only


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