The American president Obama and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said some weeks ago that ‘no ground troops will be sent to Libya’. UN Chief Ban Ki-moon called on Mai 11, 2011 for a ‘Libya Cease Fire.’ They all seem to have lied because NATO admiral Stavridis said today that Libya ‘may need foreign stabilisation force’.

More and more Libyan civilians are victims of NATO-bombings.
It is time that the Russian, Chinese and Indian political leaders who condemned the NATO bombing of Libya, use their veto at the UN if they want to remain credible.
We know that the UN is not a democratic institution because it blocks all the UN resolutions critical of Israel at the request of Washington. But does that mean that the other UN members have no power? If that is the case, then the UN which cost a lot of money, can better be dismantled.

Photo: Chinese President Hu Jintao who has warned on March 30 2011 that coalition airstrikes on Libya ‘could violate the spirit of the UN resolution on the North African country if civilians are killed in the process.’


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