Brendan Lillis dies: Open Letter to David Cameron, British Prime Minister

Brussels, 12 July 2011

Prime Minister’s Office

Dear Sir,

During years and years, I am working about human rights, so well on a national as international level.

I am very shocked by the violations of human rights and the many deaths and suicides in the prisons of Northern Ireland.

I refer to the case of Brendan Lillis in the Maghaberry prison of Northern Ireland where 5 men died during the last months.

Brendan Lillis is a very sick man. During several months, he is in bed. He cannot almost move or talk anymore. He can not eat or drink normally and risks every moment to die.

I wrote to Pauline McCabe, Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, who answered me that she ‘can not be helpfull’ while her service investigates since 2005 all the deaths in prisons.

We contacted Justice Minister David Ford who seems not to be worried about the life of Brendan Lillis and the inhuman situations in prisons.

May I pray you to intervene in this tragical case ?

Yours faithfully,

Jan Boeykens

Werkgroep Morkhoven
Contact the Prime Minister’s Office


>Photo: British Prime Minister, David Cameron

Friends of Brendan Lillis:!/home.php?sk =group_132734503459781


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