Brendan Lillis: a call for help to the media

To The Media – We need your help – Brendan Lillis Is Dying Brendan Lillis has now lain in bed for 600 days, he is currently in a medical unit within HMP Maghaberry. His weight has plummetted to 5st 5lbs , his condition is called Ankylosing Spondylitis, this chronic incurable condition which has gone largely untreated, has saw Brendan deteriorate alarmingly, he is unable to walk as his spine is now fused, too weak to talk , and is going blind.

Since Dec. 2010 he has received just 4 therapy sessions. Doctors have stated to the Prison, that they are not now able to treat him with the measure of care that he requires. He requires specialist care in what little time he has left, this level of personal care is not available to him whilst he is incarcerated in prison. The Doctors have intimated that he has around 10 days to live.

Brendan was one of many prisoners released as part of the Good Friday Agreement, upon his release in 1994 he returned to his native West Belfast home, in 2009 he was detained on dubious evidence in relation to an attempted “Tiger Kidnapping” upon his arrest his licence was revoked. All charges have since been dropped and he is now serving out a sentence given him in the 1970’s !! Brendan Lillis spent over 16 brutal yrs in Long Kesh, 4 of which he spent on the blanket protest.

He is most certainly not a danger to anyone, his continued internment is in breach of The European Convention On Human Rights – Article 5 , the Right to Liberty and Security – specifically the duty owed by the State to inform him of the reason for his continued detention; and Article 6 – The Right to a fair trial, Brendan is also entitled to protection of EU HR Convention to the Provision Of Medical Services under Article 2 The Right To Life.

The outside world ie Europe and beyond , know next to nothing about Brendan Lillis and his agonising pending death at the hands of an uncaring & unsympathetic British Penal Establishment.

media by and large are wary of publishing news of this nature, but these are facts and the Public have every right to know, Brendan’s Partner Roisin has bravely battled the Powers that keep him, She has been a shining example of Dignified Campaigning, in the face of extreme adversity and insensitivity, and she has won the admiration of a legion of supporters.

The “Friends Of Brendan Lillis” campaign has amassed several thousand members worldwide, who are all frantically emailing, texting, lobbying, phoning politicians – the NI Secretary Of State , NI Justice Minister , UK & Irish Officials , Local & National News Outlets, Anyone who may listen !!

There are no winners in this campaign for the humanitarian release of Brendan Lillis, because whether he is released or not, he is DYING ! No one is looking to score Political points. Brendan meets all the guidelines and requirements for a compassionate and immediate release, yet the British Establishment only see fit to pass the buck from one Dept to another, meetings to arrange other meetings re Brendans fate !!

A smokescreen to stall long enough so that the humane decision never infact needs to be made, because by that time he will sadly have passed away.

If the unthinkable happens, then this campaign will not cease to be, because I for one, and thousands of others will keep fighting to let people know about Brendan Lillis, and a corrupt Justice system that is not fit for the purpose !!



BBC interview with Brendan Lillis’ partner Roisin Lynch (18.7.2011):​onsole/bbc_radio_foyle#freshSi​gnin=trueor click on​onsole/b012m7nh
Then go forward to 1:05:05 – 7 days left to listen again

On 14-7-11 Roisin Lynch, partner of Brendan Lillis, spoke at a meeting in Pilot’s Row Derry.
Release Brendan Lillis – YouTube –

Sign the petition:​/releaseBrendylilli

Become member of the group Friends of Brendan Lillis:​s/Friends.Of.Brendan.Lillis?re​f=ts

Photo: Brendan Lillis in Maghaberry prison (Northern Ireland)


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