Northern Ireland: Brendan Lillis is free !

Northern Ireland – Brendan Lillis Case – BRENDAN LILLIS IS FREE !
Brendan Lillis, the terminally ill prisoner who spent more than 610 days in a bed of the infirmary of the Maghaberry prison and was transferred some days ago to an outside hospital, is free.


Brendan Lillis released from custody

Thursday, 18 August 2011
Brendan Lillis, the Republican prisoner whose family have been campaigning for his freedom, has been released from custody.

The Republican prisoner, Brendan Lillis, has been released from custody.

He was sentenced to life in 1977 for possessing explosives and was released under licence in 1993, but that was later revoked.

That was revoked two years ago, when he was arrested in connection with a robbery.

At the time a judge ruled his medical condition made him unfit for trial and he was remanded to Maghaberry Prison.

His family and local nationalist politicians had been campaigning for the 57-year-old to be released on medical grounds because he suffers from severe arthritis.

Mr Lillis was transferred from prison to Belfast City Hospital earlier this month to be treated for chronic arthritis.


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