NATO-bombings in Libya: Where are China and Russia now ?

Jan Boeykens to, – 30 augustus 2011 17:33
Libya: where are Russia and China now ?

WHERE ARE RUSSIA AND CHINA NOW WITH THEIR VETO-RIGHT WITHIN THE UNITED NATIONS ? For the third day in a row, NATO aircraft are conducting massive missile and bomb strikes on the city of Sirte, home town of Muammar Gaddafi, not allowing anyone to escape. The city perimeter is surrounded by rebel check points, behind which there are special forces units from Britain, France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. “Protect civilians” UN and NATO said…

(Photo: people of the Chinese embassy in Serbia. The embassy was bombed by NATO, that needed not an UN-mandate for it. There were 3 deaths and  20 injuries.  President Bill Clinton later apologized for the bombing, stating it was accidental.  😉


3 thoughts on “NATO-bombings in Libya: Where are China and Russia now ?

  1. kruitvat Post author

    On May 7, 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force), five US JDAM bombs hit the People’s Republic of China embassy in the Belgrade district of New Belgrade, killing three Chinese reporters and outraging the Chinese public. President Bill Clinton later apologized for the bombing, stating it was accidental. Central Intelligence Agency director George Tenet testified before a congressional committee that the bombing was the only one in the campaign organized and directed by his agency.

  2. kruitvat Post author

    On the night of May 7–8, the strike was carried out by bombers of the United States Air Force’s 509th Bomb Wing flying directly out of Whiteman AFB, Missouri. The bombers were armed with JDAM GPS-guided precision bombs but the geographic coordinates provided by the CIA and programmed into the bombs were those of the Chinese embassy 440m (480yds) away. At around midnight local time 5 bombs landed at the location indicated, striking the south end of the embassy almost simultaneously. The embassy had taken precautionary measures in view of the ongoing bombing campaign, sending staff home and housing others in the basement, but the attack still resulted in 3 fatalities, Shao Yunhuan (邵云环), Xu Xinghu (许杏虎) and his wife, Zhu Ying (朱颖), and 20 injuries.


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