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Latest News: War on Syria and internet censorship


On the skynetblogs of the Belgian association Werkgroep Morkhoven, there were hundreds of webpages  about the war on Syria, NATO, the violation of human rights and tortures in Belgian prisons and psychiatric institutions, the political corruption in Belgium and the European Community, the cover up of the Zandvoort childporn case (with 90.000 victims) and about many other topics.

Sometimes these skynetblogs were at the top of Google search results as was the case for the search keywords ‘Latest News Syria’ on Google (300.000.000 results).

Seven days ago,  after publication on the blog ‘Brussel, Brussels, Bruxelles’ of some critical articles on NATO which is headquartered in Brussels,  the skynetblogs were suddenly inaccessible.

A short message that was previously formatted, mentioned that the administrator of the blog had ‘presumably closed his account and removed the 20 skynetblogs’.

When Skynet learned that this story was incorrect and completely ridiculous, it  changed its short message: ‘ Your blogs are encrypted’.

It proved that the blogs were still existing as was the case before with the skynetblog ‘Doofpot Justitie‘ (Cover up operation of Justice). This blog was also encrypted some times ago after a strange campaign of a female lawyer which, as her famous father, is active in Belgian politics.

The woman, a member of the Socialist Party which is responsible for the cover up of the Zandvoort childporn case, demanded that the skynet blogs of  the Werkgroep Morkhoven would be removed from the list of search results of a small internet search engine.

Some years before, another member of the socialist party which has good contacts with a senator who was State Secretary and minister of  Security,  demanded the same. The man who has been reported 30 times in police reports because of sexual offenses against little boys, is responsible for the long media campaign against Morkhoven-member Marcel Vervloesem who revealed the Zandvoort childporn case.   He is also responsible for the fact that the extraordinary media attention for this case,  including three Japanese newspapers, disappeared and the Zandvoort case has been covered.

It is clear that the encryption of the skynetblogs is a cover-up operation because of the Werkgroep Morkhoven is not a right-wing or anti-socialist association.

Undoubtedly the critical articles of Werkgroep Morkhoven about the involvement of  the Belgian government, the European Union and NATO in the war propaganda and political manipulations in the war on Syria, are also responsible for the the encryption and the removal from the list with search results of Google. The removal of Google is not coming as a surprise. It is a common secret that the U.S.-Defense Department’s best-known geek announced past year that she was leaving the Pentagon for a job at Google.

Skynet is a part of the Belgacom Group, the largest Belgian telecommunication company which is  for 53% Belgian State owned. The Belgacom Group  is working closely with the Israeli telecommunication industry and has very good contacts with the Israeli government.

Only 1 (dead) webpage of the skynetblogs hasn’t been removed of  Google. Coincidentally this link refers to the website of the  Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) which was constantly inaccessible and which link is hardly findable on Google under de keywords ‘latest news Syria’.


Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA): Latest News… : ISSAKABA

Aug 31, 2012 … PROVINCES, (SANA) – A unit of the armed forces on Friday clashed with an

armed terrorist group in al-Khandaq Street in Bab Hood …


Photo:  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Germany is Israel’s largest trading partner in Europe and Israel’s second most important trading partner after the United States. Israeli imports from Germany amount to some USD 2.3 billion annually, while Israel is Germany’s fourth largest trading partner in the North Africa/Middle East region.


Latest News War on Syria: Princess de Croÿ blog censored


December 27th, 2012

Some days ago, Google said that the webpages the skynetblogs of the Belgian action group Werkgroep Morkhoven, were no longer to consult because of the webpages didn’t exist anymore.

This information was incorrect.

Some days later, Skynet showed the next short message: ‘the administrators were presumably closing their account and deleting all their blogs’.

But neither the princess nor myself have done that.

On December 25, 2012, Princess de Croÿ wrote to the customer service of Skynet:


I am director of Skynet blogs Werkgroep Morkhoven and Princess of Croy Foundation. It appears that these blogs (Issakaba, Middle East News, Divers, Werkgroep Morkhoven, Blogoloog, Fondation Princesse de Croy) are disabled, which obviously has not been done by me or by Jan Boeykens who created them. Your services are therefore a serious safety issue. Providers retain all the contents of sites to protect customers from such problems. I would be so grateful if these sites come back online.


Jacqueline de Croÿ

The next day, Skynet showed the next short message: ‘Your blogs were put in quarantine. They are encrypted’.

That proved that they were still existing.

In the past, some criminals which, together with the Belgian authorities, tried to cover up the Zandvoort child pornography case (with almost 90.000 victims), filed a complaint with the Skynet’s customer service.  The service decided to encrypt two blogs of Werkgroep Morkhoven, including ‘Doofpot Justitie’ (Cover-up operation Justice). We could still see the webpages of the blogs but could no longer publish on it.  After some days, the web pages of these blogs were no longer to find on Google.

We wrote now four times to the customer service of Skynet but the service didn’t reply. We only received a confirmation of our complaints.

Over a couple of days, all the webpages of our blogs will be disappeared from the lists of the internet search engines.

Because of here’s a criminal intent and the freedom of expression is severely violated, we are going to contact our lawyer now.

It may be that Belgian justice which covered up the Zandvoort child porncase by false accusations and hiding documents, will ignore our complaint.  But we prefer a growing international attention for this case, instead of remaining silent.

Jan Boeykens, president of Werkgroep Morkhoven and administrator of the skynetblogs

War on Syria: Internet censorship Belgium

Google: ‘princesse de croÿ syria’


    21 Nov 2012 – Nov.21.2012 – DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, stressed the importance of direct communication with citizens and 


    4 Sep 2012 – McCain, Obama, AIPAC, Israel and the One Hundred Eighth United States Congress The war against Syria was not launched to establish…



December 30th 2012: the customer service of Skynet didn’t reply and it keeps the blogs encrypted. A few thousand webpages published during the past 8 years, has been disappeared of Google which certainly was the intention.  It is really shocking that this kind of censorship is possible. It proves that the Internet is completely controlled by the government which doesn’t accept criticism or opposition groups.  Let this be a warning to other independent associations and activists.

Photo: President Obama, drinking champaign with the managers of Facebook en Google.

Facebook is a friend of NATO

Garland commented on ‘Facebook is a friend of NATO’ (
‘I always fancied about working in a huge office where I will have my own cabin and office desk with my initials put on it along with my qualification, and I guess anyone would want to work in a modern office glamorously furnished with beautiful range of modern desksand chairs, corners, beautiful lamps gracefully hung around the room to light it up with not much not less but the perfect amount of light.’
Ou research: helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
iMesh is a media and file sharing client that’s available in 9 languages. It uses a proprietary, centralized, P2P network (IM2Net) operating on ports 80, 443and 1863.  iMesh is owned by American company iMesh, Inc. and maintains a development center in Israel. It is the 3rd most popular music subscription service in the US.
iMesh operates the first “RIAA-approved” P2P service, allowing users residing in United States and Canada to download music content of choice for a monthly fee in the form of either a Premium subscription or a “ToGo” subscription. This subscription based approach is advocated by theories such as the Open Music Model. A third option is also available for users (residing in either country) to permanently purchase tracks for 0.99 USD each, without a subscription.
In addition to the paid content, iMesh allows all users (regardless of origin country) access to “non-copyrighted” music and video files. A legalized ringtone download service provided by Thumbplay is also available, allowing users to purchase ringtones for their cellphones.
On September 18, 2003 the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) sued iMesh for encouraging copyright infringement
Sep.21, 2003
Music labels file suit against iMesh file-sharing network
Eighteen music labels sued the Israeli file-sharing network Inc. for copyright infringement at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Friday, as part of their broader campaign against file-sharing companies.
Eighteen music labels sued the Israeli file-sharing network Inc. for copyright infringement at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Friday, as part of their broader campaign against file-sharing companies.
In in interview with Haaretz, Inc. CEO Elan Oren confirmed the lawsuit was filed against the company.
“I arrived in Washington DC to lecture Senate members on payment-collection models for the file-sharing community, and several hours later I received the charge sheet,” Oren said.
“We are the last company the record companies are suing and I was sure they had skipped over us,” Oren said.
The company – Internet Meshing – was established in 1999 by David Habusha and Uri Nadav, both graduates of Mamram, the Israel Defense Forces’ central computing facility. The two left the company in 2000 when they ran into difficulties raising funds, and Oren took over and introduced a new advertising-based economic model.
The company is registered in the state of Delaware, for tax purposes, and employs five people, all in Israel. When asked whether the company was profitable, Oren said, “We make a living.”
Since its establishment in 1999, some 60 million users have downloaded the company’s software, but only a few million are regular users. Only last week, the software was downloaded at least 500,000 times.
Tel Aviv-based iMesh is the third-largest file-sharing network behind Morpheus and the much larger KaZaa service. These networks allow millions of users around the world to trade software, music and video over the Internet.
The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, charges the company with serving as a medium for the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.
According to the lawsuit, “Without widespread infringement of the most popular copyrighted sound recordings, [iMesh] would disappear.”
The legal actions come after iMesh said in late August it planned to sell copyrighted music from independent artists, films and games, alongside file-swapping. Oren had told Reuters the company had no intention of abandoning file-sharing .
However, last April, a federal judge in Los Angeles ruled that the suits brought against Grokster, Morpheus and KaZaa, companies offering similar services to iMesh, were untenable. Judge Steven Wilson ruled that the suits were based on the assumption that the companies are aware and in control of every moment in the transfer of files, which he says is not true.
Judge Wilson also ruled that contrary to Napster, where the company operated a main control center, the technology used by the other firms does not make use of a control center.
“At some point I thought they [the labels] had understood that there is no difference between us, Grokster and Morpheus, and since their case was decided, they would see that it was pointless to sue. I was wrong,” Oren said.
File-sharing network iMesh, once a Napster-style service that was sued for allowing illegal song-swapping, said it plans on Tuesday to launch a new pay service.
The launch of iMesh marks the latest step by so-called peer-to-peer services following a Supreme Court decision in June that found online file-sharing services can be held liable for the copyright violations of their users.
Peer-to-peer networks allow users to connect directly instead of having their computers link through a centralized machine.
Once one of the most popular of post-Napster song-swapping networks, iMesh, formed in 1999, was sued by the record labels in 2003 for copyright infringement and settled for $4.1 million.
The privately held company hired former Sony Music President Robert Summer as executive chairman to handle negotiations with the music industry.
Robert D. Summer, Executive Chairman, iMesh, Inc.
Robert D. Summer has been Executive Chairman of iMesh since June 2005. Mr. Summer serves as Chief Executive Officer of World Theatre, Inc. He serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dimensional Media Associates, Inc. (“DMA“). Mr. Summer joined DMA after holding a series of high level positions in the music industry. As President and Chief Executive Officer, he guides DMA’s transition from invention and product development to full operations, including the rollout of consumer, commercial and medical products. He joined DMA in 1995. Mr. Summer served as Executive Vice President, Sony Music Entertainment; and as President, Sony Entertainment European Community Affairs. He joined CBS Records International in 1986 as President and continued in that position through the CBS’s acquisition by Sony in 1988. Mr. Summer joined CBS Records after nearly three decades with RCA Records, where he served in key executive posts including President, RCA/Ariola (now BMG); President, RCA Records; Vice President, RCA Records USA; Vice President, RCA Records International; and President, RCA Red Seal, the RCA Records’s classical music division. Mr. Summer serves as Chairman of World Theatre, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
211 East 43rd Street
New York, New York 10017
United States
Phone: 212-223-2543

War on Syria: Internet censorship Belgium


Since a couple of days, all our skynet blogs with publications about the war on Syria, are closed by the Belgian authorities.  We think that the Belgian authorities which are very close with the NATO that is headquartered in Brussels, are responsible for it.

The U.N. which is an instrument of Washington and it’s satellite states, is, besides New York, also  headquartered in Brussels.

The European Union which members are all members of NATO and which is responsible for the installation of (German) troups and ‘defensive’ patriot missiles in Turkey, is also headquartered in Brussels.

It is clear that the Belgian government is a puppet of the U.S. that, with some of it’s strongest satellite states (Israel, Turkey, Germany, Japan,), is dreaming aloud of a ‘Greater Middle East’ and ruling the world.

Some days ago NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen had a meeting with the Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and the Belgian Minister of Defense, They were personally congratulated by Rasmussen for the ‘good job’ of the Belgian government within Nato and the Afghanistan-war.

It is for these reasons that they want remove all our popular skynetblogs and critical articles from the search engines (Google, Yahoo,).

Another reason for removing all our skynetblogs and articles from the search engines of the internet, is the fact that we have fiercely critized Google for it’s personal relation with President Obama and the Pentagon. A well-known former direction-member of the Pentagon, is now a board-member of Google. That’s why Google became a kind of war propaganda machine of the Pentagon, promoting the bombings of the western media and censoring the more independant and really interesting news about the situation in Syria.

Since almost 20 years, our association ‘Werkgroep Morkhoven’ is working  about the Zandvoort case.  That is an international childporn network with 90.000 victims, covered by the Belgian, Dutch, French, German and British governments because of some very important politicians are involved in this case.

Skynet is a part of Belgacom, the leading operator in Belgium. The Belgacom Group is for 53% owned of the Belgian State and is working close together with the Israeli telecommunication industry. The company has very good contacts with the Israeli government and the listening devices of the Belgian State Security that works partly in the offices of Belgacom, are Israeli-made.


PS. The link to our group and our other skynetblogs (Issakaba, Werkgroep Morkhoven, human rights, Blogoloog, Self-declaring terrorist hunter, Divers, ) with a lot of interesting articles about the war on Syria, are dead. That is not so surprising. All the websites and publications which don’t support the daily American war propaganda against the Syrian government, are regularly blocked. The links to the Syrian News Agency Sana on Google, were dead during several months while the American propaganda machine was free to manipulate everybody with all kind of lies.

Links which have not yet been blocked by Skynet or removed by Google:,

Hillary Clinton: ‘growing russian influence’…

Pentagon Signs Five-Year Military Cooperation With Kazakhstan.jpg

Pentagon Signs Five-Year Military Cooperation With Kazakhstan

Trend News Agency
December 11, 2012

Baku: The Kazakh and US Defense Ministries signed a cooperation plan for 2013-2017 in Washington, the Kazakh Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

The document envisages cooperation in such areas as peacekeeping, staff training, technical assistance, development of the military education system and assistance in establishing contacts with the US military-industrial complex.

Within the bilateral consultations of the Defense Ministries of the two countries which took place in Washington, special attention was paid to the special forces’ trainings.

The parties agreed to develop a program of joint trainings and to exchange experiences.

Within the meeting, Kazakh Deputy Defense Minister Talgat Zhanzhumenov said that the development of the domestic military-industrial complex is one of the main priorities of the Kazakh armed forces.

The US party proposed Kazakhstan to cooperate in this sphere and the Kazakh party expressed interest in such cooperation.

Within the visit to US, the Kazakh military delegation visited U.S. military-industrial complex enterprises.


Photo: U.S. troops in Kazakhstan for this year’s annual Steppe Eagle military exercise (The Belgian government actually blocks this link) 

Latest News Syria: House for Literature and Arts in old Damascus


Culture Minister Opens Adnan Mardambek House for Literature and Arts in Old Damascus

Dec 23, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Culture Minister Dr. Lubana Mshaweh opened on Sunday Adnan Mardambek House for Literature and Arts in old Damascus.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Mshaweh said ”It is a pleasure that we are meeting at this Damascene house which is distinguished for its site, history and stature.”

”It was here where the poet Adnan Mardambek, one of the poetic theater pioneers, was brought up, who had imbibed the love for Damascus from his father Khalil,” the minster added.

She called upon everyone who has a historical house to preserve it and resort to the Culture Ministry to open it to the public.

She also pointed to a project that has neared consummation in al-Kanawat neighborhood, called the Levant Book House, which was transformed to a meeting place for the youth.

Qutaiba Mardambek, son of the poet Adnan Mardambek, elaborated on the history of the house which goes back to the mid-18th century, indicating that the house witnessed the establishment of the Literary League in 1921 that brought together a big number of literary figures.

M. Ismael

Syria: Benghazi ‘rebels’ murdering for Nato’s dream of world domination


The so called ‘rebels’ in Libya, have been long reported to harbor extremist ideologies and  an intense ethnic and racial hatred. 

“African mercenaries” were lynched, beheaded, shot, burned, and hacked to pieces.

These very Libyan, Benghazi terrorists paid and armed by NATO, are now streaming into Syria to commit similar atrocities against the Syrian people.