Syria: If Russia wants some respect, it has to maintain it’s position


Dec 22, 2012

Lavrov: Armed Groups in Syria Violate International Law and Practice Terrorism and the West Deals with Double-Standards

MOSCOW, (SANA) – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, criticized the western double-standard stance on terrorism, considering that “it is disappointing that our western partners at the Security Council reject condemning the terrorist attacks in Syria,” and tend to divide terrorists into bad and acceptable terrorists, which would lead to putting the world in a very dangerous situation.

In an interview with Russia Today channel, which is to be broadcast next Monday, Lavrov expressed regret over the stances announced by many external players on Syria “which still do not reflect a sincere interest in halting violence, rather they aim to achieve internal points.”

“What brings shame is that some partners get themselves occupied in directing guidance and acting like the guardians of human rights in Syria, while what is required from them is to say enough to all those who kill and try to achieve victory at the expense of human rights,” said Lavrov.

He pointed out that the armed terrorist groups in Syria are responsible for violating the international law through taking hostages and practicing terrorism.

The Russian Foreign Minister added that if the priority is to halt the violence, then a large number of international observers should be deployed in Syria and both sides should be forced to start dialogue without any preconditions, stressing that “Russia does not change regimes in the world, therefore, it will not convey the western proposals to Syria as they should be the ones to do so by themselves.”

Lavrov warned that the west is interested in changing the regime more than saving the lives of civilians.

He expressed his belief that the western countries are not resolved or insistent on military intervention in Syria, saying that “no one in the West is ready for intervention in Syria, which is why they wish that Russia and China veto UNSC resolutions contrary to what they say.”

Lavrov stressed that “it is not allowed for the Security Council, after the shameful act of our partners regarding the decision on Libya, to take decisions that have double meanings.”

F. A/H. Said


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