Syria: The GOOD News !


Syria Wins Seven Medals in Arab Chess Championship in Yemen

Dec 22, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Syria’s National Chess Team won seven medals at the Arab Chess Championship for Juniors and Youths recently held in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.

Player Bashir Ayti earned a gold medal in the under-18 boy category, Rita Yagi won the under-14 girls gold medal and Manar Khalil captured the third gold medal in the girls under-12.

Players Malek Konyali (boys under-12) and Fatemah Murad (girls under-10) have got the team’s two silver medals, while the bronze medals were earned by players Duha Farha in the girls under-20 category and Nagham Khateeb in the girls under-16.

The national team won the second place in the general classification for Juniors following the Egyptian team and was ranked third in the youth category following Egypt and Yemen.

In a statement to SANA sports reporter, Head of the Syrian Chess Federation, Hani Bitar, said that the results are very good in regard to the participation as nine Syrian players only participated in the tournaments while the Yemeni team included 36 players and the Egyptian team had 15.

Teams from ten Arab countries competed in the championship including Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, Jordan, Sudan, Mauritania and Lebanon.


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