Turkey: Rallies in Condemnation of Erdogan’s Policy against Syria


Rallies in Lattakia and Antakya in Condemnation of Erdogan’s Policy against Syria 

Dec 22, 2012

LATTAKIA/ ANTAKYA, (SANA) – Hundreds of women from Lattakia staged on saturday a solidarity stand in condemnation of the Turkish government’s policy led by Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan against Syria.

The participants stressed that the conspiracy against Syria will not be able to destroy the culture of the Syrian people, pointing out to the Syrian women’s commitment to the Arabism of the Iskenderun and the necessity of returning it back to the homeland.

“This stand reflects coexistence and fraternity between the Syrian and Turkish peoples who stress the importance of the cultural values which were born through history and which will not be destroyed b Erdogan’s government,” Ola Hallaq from the Iskenderun said.

The participants said that the hostile policy of Erdogan’s government against Syria is rejected by the people of Turkey.

Member of the People’s Assembly, Fayhaa Treifi, pointed out that this meeting highlights that Syria is facing an aggression as a result of a U.S.-Zionist scheme targeting the unity of Syria and its national and patriotic stances.

She asserted the determination of the Syrian people to foil this colonial scheme and continue struggle for liberating all occupied Arab territories, including the Iskenderun.

Thousands Protest in Antakya in Denunciation of Erdogan’s Government Policy against Syria

Meanwhile, thousands of people staged a protest in the main square in Antakya city denouncing the policies of the Turkish government led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan towards Syria.

The protesters, who are mostly women, expressed the Turkish people’s solidarity with the Syrian government and people against the imperialist and reactionary conspiracies hatched against it.

The participants in the protest, which was called for by the Turkish Labor Party and held amid tight security measures by the Turkish government, held up banners with ‘No to NATO’ and ‘No to Patriot Missiles’ written on them and chanted slogans denouncing Erdogan’s government’s support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Antakya city has witnessed over the last few months similar demonstrations in support of the Syrian people and leadership in their struggle against the international conspiracy targeting Syria and the whole region.

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