War on Syria: Internet censorship Belgium


Since a couple of days, all our skynet blogs with publications about the war on Syria, are closed by the Belgian authorities.  We think that the Belgian authorities which are very close with the NATO that is headquartered in Brussels, are responsible for it.

The U.N. which is an instrument of Washington and it’s satellite states, is, besides New York, also  headquartered in Brussels.

The European Union which members are all members of NATO and which is responsible for the installation of (German) troups and ‘defensive’ patriot missiles in Turkey, is also headquartered in Brussels.

It is clear that the Belgian government is a puppet of the U.S. that, with some of it’s strongest satellite states (Israel, Turkey, Germany, Japan,), is dreaming aloud of a ‘Greater Middle East’ and ruling the world.

Some days ago NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen had a meeting with the Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and the Belgian Minister of Defense, They were personally congratulated by Rasmussen for the ‘good job’ of the Belgian government within Nato and the Afghanistan-war.

It is for these reasons that they want remove all our popular skynetblogs and critical articles from the search engines (Google, Yahoo,).

Another reason for removing all our skynetblogs and articles from the search engines of the internet, is the fact that we have fiercely critized Google for it’s personal relation with President Obama and the Pentagon. A well-known former direction-member of the Pentagon, is now a board-member of Google. That’s why Google became a kind of war propaganda machine of the Pentagon, promoting the bombings of the western media and censoring the more independant and really interesting news about the situation in Syria.

Since almost 20 years, our association ‘Werkgroep Morkhoven’ is working  about the Zandvoort case.  That is an international childporn network with 90.000 victims, covered by the Belgian, Dutch, French, German and British governments because of some very important politicians are involved in this case.

Skynet is a part of Belgacom, the leading operator in Belgium. The Belgacom Group is for 53% owned of the Belgian State and is working close together with the Israeli telecommunication industry. The company has very good contacts with the Israeli government and the listening devices of the Belgian State Security that works partly in the offices of Belgacom, are Israeli-made.


PS. The link to our group http://fondation-princesse-de-croy.skynetblogs.be and our other skynetblogs (Issakaba, Werkgroep Morkhoven, human rights, Blogoloog, Self-declaring terrorist hunter, Divers, ) with a lot of interesting articles about the war on Syria, are dead. That is not so surprising. All the websites and publications which don’t support the daily American war propaganda against the Syrian government, are regularly blocked. The links to the Syrian News Agency Sana on Google, were dead during several months while the American propaganda machine was free to manipulate everybody with all kind of lies.

Links which have not yet been blocked by Skynet or removed by Google: http://morkhoven.wordpress.com/, https://humanrightsgroup.wordpress.com/


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