Turkey Responsible for Bloodshed in Syria


Iran’s Parliament Deputy Speaker: Turkey Responsible for Bloodshed in Syria

Feb 9, 2013

Deputy Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Hossein Sheikh al-Islam, stressed that Turkey is responsible for a lot of the bloodshed and destruction in Syria, adding that it has approached a wrong policy that led to bringing foreign interference in the region.

Sheikh al-Islam said in an interview with the Lebanese al-Manar TV on Saturday that “Iran supports the inter-Syrian dialogue away from foreign intervention in its domestic affairs.”

He clarified that some of the “Syrian opposition” sacrificed the interests of the Syrian people for their own interests, supporting terrorists with money and weapons.

“This opposition does not want stability for Syria, because whatever opposition takes money from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar it becomes a slave for these countries and an agent to foreign sides,” Sheikh al-Islam said.

He pointed out that the USA and Saudi Arabia reached a conviction that a military intervention is not possible in Syria as the crisis cannot be solved but through a political dialogue.

R. Milhem / H. Said



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