Latest News: Tolerance for Syria Forum


Participants in Tolerance for Syria Forum in Homs Affirm Importance of Dialogue

Feb 10, 2013

The popular committee for national reconciliation in Homs organized a dialogue forum in Homs Grand Hotel on Sunday titled “Tolerance for Syria” with the participation of social, religious and political forces.

Homs Governor underlined the importance of such forums that unite Syrians to hold dialogue, pointing out that extremist Takfiri mentality wanted to make Homs a city of darkness but it’s people today are engaged in dialogue because they wanted their city to be a city of tolerance and coexistence.

In turn, Father Michel Nu’man said that this forum is a meeting of amity and tolerance, stressing the need for unified work to emerge from the current crisis by settling the matters of abductees and detainees, adding that what is happening in Syria isn’t the Syrians’ doing because they’re a tolerant and peaceful people.

Participants affirmed that dialogue is a national duty, calling for cooperation to restore security and stability to Syria and planning the next stage of its history.

They called for facilitating the return of displaced people to their homes and releasing detainees who didn’t shed blood.

The forum was concluded by a closing statement containing 10 articles on ending the crisis, covering issues such as returning the displaced to their homes, releasing all abductees and combating abduction, and cooperating with local and international humanitarian relief agencies.

H. Sabbagh


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