Vietnam: American Holocaust


This film is available on DVD with 5 extra features including one written by Martin Sheen at or

The United States killed between 3 and 5 million people in the Vietnam War. This feature looks at the history of that war and the how and why it happened using interviews with participates on both sides, speeches, conversation and actual wartime footage. Contains graphic violence.

Photo: Vietnam Agent Orange Victims 

Severely disabled and abandoned at birth, 124 children live at the Ba Vi Orphanage and Elderly home near Hanoi, Vietnam. They are believed to be 3rd generation Agent Orange(a defoliant used by the US military during the Vietnam War) victims, but nothing is known about their family history and the center lacks the resources to conduct medical tests to prove such a link.

For the 124 children there is one doctor, two nurses, and six caretakers. Eighty percent of the children are mentally disabled. The center receives national funding of $15 USD for every child per month.

Most of the children live a life without recreation, education, or physical therapy and spend the majority of their day in wooden chairs or in mass beds. Some of the children more prone to wandering off at night or harming the other children are kept in locked iron cages overnight and during afternoon naps. The majority of the children will live their entire lives at the center.
Currently the Vietnam Victims of Agent Orange Association is campaigning against US Chemical Companies involved in producing the dioxin during the Vietnam War seeking compensation for all its victims.
Anyone interested in donating money to the orphn age please visit


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