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Put on the street just before the year-end holidays

I lived for eight months in a humid chamber in the municipality of Saint-Gilles at Brussels.

I had no toilet and had to go to the pubs.

I had no hot water.

I had no bathroom or shower.

I had to leave my room through the garden and the basement every day and late at night I passed the cellar and the garden back to my room.

I was constantly bullied by some members of a Chechen family residing on the ground floor next to my room, whose son I released from prison.

I paid € 540 per month for the room which € 165 charge.

A given moment, I felt so sick and the situation was so unbearablehe that I was forced to flee the house and go to sleep in a small hotel.

Afterwards I found a shelter where I can stay for the moment for a small fee.

The attorney of the owner of the house, which had agreed to mediate and is a very distinguished man, wrote me yesterday that I have only to think of moving ‘because the home owner wants me to leave the home before the end of this month’…


Enduring Freedom…

A few years ago the Court of justice of Turnhout (Belgium) that covered the Zandvoort child pornography case decided that Morkhoven-activist Marcel Vervloesem and his alleged victims who were regular vistors of the gay bar Berkenmus in Morkhoven, had to submit a polygraph.

Only Marcel Vervloesem and one of the alleged victims were invited.

The polygraph test told that Marcel Vervloesem was telling the truth.

The so called victim began to cry and refused the test.

Afterwards nobody was no longer required to go to the polygraph.

The Court of justice of Turnhout concealed these facts.

It was just a way to continue the political trial against Marcel Vervloesem and to cover up the Zandvoort case.

Specialists say that screenings with a computer has no scientific basis and is abused to intimidate and accuse people.

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Americans don’t believe in global power anymore

 Majority of Americans believe US global power is in decline

December 4, 2013

According to latest research, a national support for US global engagement reached historically low level recently. The public thinks that the nation does too much to solve world problems, and increasing percentages want the US to “mind its own business internationally” and pay more attention to problems at home.

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Latest News Syria: Russia

December 4, 2013

Moscow, (SANA) – The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the terrorist attacks targeting places of worship and religious figures in Syria must stop, stressing the need to prepare a suitable atmosphere for holding the international conference on Syria “Geneva 2.”

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