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Vietnam: bombed for ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom’

17 June 2011 – Vietnam started the first phase of a joint plan with the US to clean up environmental damage caused by the chemical defoliant Agent Orange.
Vietnam’s Red Cross estimates up to 3 million Vietnamese have suffered health-related problems from Agent Orange exposure.
Most victims are dead…

Photo: victim of American bombings with Agent Orange

Libya destroyed with the help of the United Nations

As was the case with Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, NATO wants to destroy Libya and its people. The United Nations, that corrupt organization that pretends to protect people + the social life, the history and the cultural heritage of the people, legalizes that…

THE NATO-BOMBINGS OF YUGOSLAVIA (24.3.1999- 19.4.1999):
1.Monastery Gracanica from 14th century (24 March – 6 April 1999);
2.Monastery Rakovica from 17th century (29 March 1999);
3.Patriarchate of Pec (1 April 1999);
4.Church in Jelasnica near Surdulica (4 April 1999);
5.Monastery of the Church of St. Juraj (built in 1714) in Petrovaradin (1 April 1999);
6.Monastery of Holy Mother (12th century) at the estuary of the Kosanica in the Toplica – territory of municipality of Kursumlija (4 April 1999);
7.Monastery of St. Nicholas (12th century) in the territory of the municipality of Kursumlija (4 April 1999);
8.Monastery of St. Archangel Gabriel in Zemun (5 April 1999);
9.Roman Catholic Church St. Antonio in Djakovica (29 March 1999);
10.Orthodox cemetery in Gnjilane (30 March 1999);
11.Monuments destroyed in Bogutovac (8 April 1999);
12.”Kadinjaca” memorial complex (8 April 1999);
13.Vojlovica monastery near Pancevo (12 April 1999);
14.Hopovo monastery, iconostasis damaged (12 April 1999);
15.Orthodox Christian cemetery in Pristina (12 April 1999);
16.Monastery church St, Archangel Michael in Rakovica (16 April 1999);

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of FR Yugoslavia)