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American invasion Iraq

A newly released study by American, Canadian and Iraqi researchers concludes that the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq has resulted in nearly half a million deaths.



Syria: Iraq repeats the need of a political solution


US-pressure on Iraq – Iraq repeats the need of a political solution to the situation in Syria…


March 25, 2013

BAGHDAD: US secretary of state John Kerry pressed Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday to stop Iranian flights over Iraq from carrying arms to Syria during a visit to the Iraqi capital.

Iraqi officials denied allowing weapons to be flown from Iran to Syria through Iraqi airspace. Abbas al-Bayati, a member of the Security and Defence committee in parliament, said: “We have done our duty by randomly inspecting a number of Iranian flights and we did not find any leaked or smuggled weapons.”

“If the US is keen to push us to do more they have to give us the information that they have relating to this,” he said.

At his news conference, Kerry said the United States had “agreed to try to provide more information” to the Iraqis and suggested that sentiment in the US Congress may be turning against Iraq because of the suspected arms transfers to Assad.

More than a dozen car bombs and suicide blasts tore through Shia Muslim districts in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and other areas on Tuesday, killing nearly 60 people on the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion that ousted Saddam.

A statement released by Maliki’s office following the talks said they had agreed on the need to find a political solution to the situation in Syria.

Photo: Iraqi Media Delegation in Syria

Our ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ in Iraq: 19 people killed

Some months ago, tens of thousands of Iraqis protested against our democracy. Surrounded by hundreds of police, soldiers and rooftop snipers, with military helicopters buzzing overhead, protesters waved Iraqi flags and signs reading “Bring the Light Back” (a reference to the lack of electricity), “No to Corruption!” and “I’m a Peaceful Man.” Security forces used tear gas, water cannons, sound bombs and live bullets to disperse the crowds. At least 19 people were killed. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said that Iraq’s security forces “generally have not used force against peaceful protesters.” http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m75338&hd&size=1&l=e&fb=1

Something about ‘democratic’ CIA Operations in Iraq

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Charles S. Faddis, a retired CIA operations officer and the former head of CIA’s WMD terrorism unit: ‘From July 2002 to May 2003, I was in charge of a CIA base in the mountains of Kurdistan, running intelligence collection operations and covert action directed at the regime of Saddam Hussein.  We had a host of missions to perform, but one of our key tasks was to persuade Iraqi military leaders to lay down their arms and come over to our side in advance of the American invasion of the country in the spring of 2003’.
Photo: Hillary Clinton, who will bring us ‘democracy’


NATO in Yugoslavia: destruction


THE NATO IN YUGOSLAVIA (24.3.1999- 19.4.1999):
The road and railway networks, especially road and rail bridges, most of which were destroyed or damaged beyond repair, suffered extensive destruction. The targets of attacks were such communications as:
1.The Varadin Bridge over the Danube was destroyed (on 1 April 1999);
2.The “Sloboda” (Freedom) Bridge over the Danube was destroyed (on 4 April 1999);
3.The “Mladosti” (Youth) Bridge over the Danube, connecting Backa Palanka with Ilok, was damaged (on 4 April 1999);
4.The new railway bridge over the Danube connecting Bogojevo and Erdut was damaged (on 5 April 1999);
5.The road bridge over the Danube, connecting Bogojevo with Erdut was damaged (on 5 April 1999);
6.The bridge over the Danube along the Beograd-Novi Sad road, near Beska, Indjija municipality, was damaged (on 1 April 1999);
7.The road bridge along the Magura Belacevac road, 15 kilometres from Pristina, suffered extensive damage;
8.The “Zezeljov” Bridge in Novi Sad was damaged (on 5 April 1999);
9.The bridge over the Ibar river, Biljanovac municipality, was damaged (on 5 – 13 April 1999);
10.The bridge over the Vrbacka river near Jezgrovic was destroyed (on 5 April 1999);
11.The “Lozno” railway bridge near Usce was destroyed (on 5 April 1999);
12.The road bridge on the road leading to Brvenik, near Usce, was destroyed (on 5 April 1999);
13.The bridge along the Nis-Pristina primary road, near Kursumlija, suffered extensive damage (on 5 April 1999);
14.The bridge near Zubin Potok was destroyed (on 5 April 1999);
15.The Grdelica gorge railway bridge was damaged (on 12 April 1999);
16.The road bridge over the Kosanica river near Kursumlija was damaged (on 13 April 1999);
17.The old bridge on the river Rasina in the town of Krusevac (12-13 April 1999);
18.The Krusevac-Pojate bridge on the river Zapadna Morava, at the village of Jasika, was destroyed (on 13 April 1999);
19.The railway bridge on the river Lim, between Priboj and Prijepolje, near hydroelectric power station Bistrica was destroyed (on 15 April 1999);
20.The road bridge on the river Toplica, on the Nis-Pristina road near the town of Kursumlija, was heavily damaged (14 and 19 April 1999);
21.The bridge on the river Ibar, at the village of Biljanovac near Raska, sustained heavy damages (15.04.1999.);
22.The bridge between Smederevo and Kovin has been destroyed (16 April 1999);
23.The railway bridge on the river Kostajnica, near Kursumlija, has sustained heavy damages and is out of service (18.04.1999.);
24.The bridge on the river Kosanica, at the village of Selo Visoko, has sustained heavy damages and is out of service (18.04.1999.);
(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of FR Yugoslavia)