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Put on the street just before the year-end holidays

I lived for eight months in a humid chamber in the municipality of Saint-Gilles at Brussels.

I had no toilet and had to go to the pubs.

I had no hot water.

I had no bathroom or shower.

I had to leave my room through the garden and the basement every day and late at night I passed the cellar and the garden back to my room.

I was constantly bullied by some members of a Chechen family residing on the ground floor next to my room, whose son I released from prison.

I paid € 540 per month for the room which € 165 charge.

A given moment, I felt so sick and the situation was so unbearablehe that I was forced to flee the house and go to sleep in a small hotel.

Afterwards I found a shelter where I can stay for the moment for a small fee.

The attorney of the owner of the house, which had agreed to mediate and is a very distinguished man, wrote me yesterday that I have only to think of moving ‘because the home owner wants me to leave the home before the end of this month’…