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US spy operations: social media

General David Petraeus


Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

March 17, 2011

Military’s ‘sock puppet’ software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda

The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an “online persona management service” that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

The project has been likened by web experts to China’s attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.

The discovery that the US military is developing false online personalities – known to users of social media as “sock puppets” – could also encourage other governments, private companies and non-government organisations to do the same.

Photos: David Petraeus, Obama reception

Read more at: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2011/mar/17/us-spy-operation-social-networks


Syria: Iraq repeats the need of a political solution


US-pressure on Iraq – Iraq repeats the need of a political solution to the situation in Syria…


March 25, 2013

BAGHDAD: US secretary of state John Kerry pressed Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday to stop Iranian flights over Iraq from carrying arms to Syria during a visit to the Iraqi capital.

Iraqi officials denied allowing weapons to be flown from Iran to Syria through Iraqi airspace. Abbas al-Bayati, a member of the Security and Defence committee in parliament, said: “We have done our duty by randomly inspecting a number of Iranian flights and we did not find any leaked or smuggled weapons.”

“If the US is keen to push us to do more they have to give us the information that they have relating to this,” he said.

At his news conference, Kerry said the United States had “agreed to try to provide more information” to the Iraqis and suggested that sentiment in the US Congress may be turning against Iraq because of the suspected arms transfers to Assad.

More than a dozen car bombs and suicide blasts tore through Shia Muslim districts in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and other areas on Tuesday, killing nearly 60 people on the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion that ousted Saddam.

A statement released by Maliki’s office following the talks said they had agreed on the need to find a political solution to the situation in Syria.

Photo: Iraqi Media Delegation in Syria

Libya: Facebook censure ?

We published the next post on Facebook but this post seems to have disappeared…

The UN that mandates the bombing of Libya, is an instrument of the US. and its allies… On 1.3.2011, speaking at a conference in Brussels, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said ‘international moves to impose a no-fly zone over Libya to stop Moamer Kadhafi usi…ng air strikes against his own people, had not been discussed by the Israeli government’. “If you ask me personally, I think it should be imposed. There is a danger of genocide. Morally we have to stop it. Its best to have the okay of the United Nations”, Ayalon said. (AFP) (Ayalon was the Israeli embassador in Washington) On 2.3.2011 (just 1 day after the visit of the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon to the NATO headquarters in Brussels), the American Minister of State Hillary Clinton, who has a very good relation with the Israeli-American lobbygroup AIPAC, said that Gadaffi ‘had to go’ and that ‘ nobody had to leave crocodile tears’.

PS. The photo of Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu seems to be desactivated.  We don’t see it anymore on our computerscreen…

Maghaberry prison Northern Ireland: Call for action in U.S.


Let’s ensure the prison knows that we are paying very close attention from the US and elsewhere !

The Irish Freedom Committee is urging all supporters of Irish republican prisoners in the US to place a short phone call tomorrow to Maghaberry Prison Medical Center, to appeal for the immediate humanitarian release of Brendan Lilllis. Brendan’s fiancée Roisin has been told by prison doctors today that he has very little time left to live. Please call the Maghaberry Prison Medical Center tomorrow at the number posted below and ask to speak with Doctor Palmer. Please be polite but firm, and state that you are calling with your urgent concerns for Brendan Lillis, who you have learned is now close to death. Brendan has not left his bed in over a year and a half. You are calling to urge the immediate, compassionate and humanitarian release of this very ill man to his home; so that he may pass in peace with his loved ones around him. All charges against him have been dropped, so there should be no reasonable objection to this humane, and long overdue, decision. Brendan’s fiancée asks that we direct our appeals to Doctor Palmer as she believes that he is a humanistic person who has become frustrated with the system that is responsible for the continued internment of her critically ill loved one in jail without charge.


Use a calling card and a land line for your MINIMUM expense. Phone 011-44-28-9261-1888. Ask to be transferred to the Medical Center, and ask to speak to Doctor Palmer. Time zones in the US are behind Irish 5 hours on the East Coast, 6 hours Central US, 7 hours Southwest, and 8 hours in Pacific Northwest. Ideally you should ring between 9AM and 3PM Irish time. BRENDAN’S TIME IS SHORT, and this call will take you less that 5 minutes; and with a calling card, cost you very little. Thank you for your continued support to the families of Irish republican political prisoners.

by: Irish Freedom Committee, Inc.

IRISH FREEDOM COMMITTEE NEWSLIST http://www.irishfreedomcommitt​ee.net/


Friends of Brendan Lillis https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_182248348494841#!/home.php?sk =group_132734503459781

Here is a link for sample letters, printable petitions, and contact info: http://www.irishfreedomcom​mittee.net/POWs/BRENDAN_LI​LLIS.htm

Write to David Ford, Justice Minister. It will just take a minute to write a simple letter to tell him Brendan Lillis being held at Maghaberry is a cruel and inhuman treatment, and that he should be released.  Publish your letter on the Internet. Afterwards, the minister has not to come with the excuse that he ‘knew nothing about the tragical case’…

David Ford, Justice Minister
Department of Justice – Block B
Castle Buildings
Stormont Estate
Northern Ireland
BT4 3SGPhoto: Brendan Lillis

The war against Libya: US, Israel, UN

1) 1.3.2011- Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said he believed a no-fly zone should be imposed on Libya to stop a “danger of genocide”. Speaking at a conference in Brussels, Ayalon said international moves to impose a no-fly zone over Libya to stop Moamer Kadhafi using air strikes against his own people, ‘had not been discussed by the Israeli government’. ‘There is a danger of genocide in Libya. Morally we have to stop it and its best to have the UN’s okay,” he said. (AFP) Ayalon was the Israeli ambassador in the U.S.

2) On 2.3.2011 (one day after the visit of Danny Ayalon to Brussels where the headquarter of NATO is located), US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that a no-fly zone could be imposed on Libya, ‘in order to prevent Gaddafi from bombing his own people’. She hinted strongly that ‘direct military intervention is on the cards’ and said that ‘it is time for Gaddafi to go’.

Libya is now more than 5.000 times bombed by NATO that use an UN-mandate and there were several attemps to kill the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Head of the Libyan State, by bombing all kinds of buildings and residences.

Libya: Hillary Clinton and Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Plan

6 hours ago: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday urged African leaders to abandon Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, saying it was time to live up to their pledges to promote ‘democracy’ across the continent.

On the picture: Hillary Clinton with Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of Israel’s far right party, Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman is also the founder of Israel’s Ehnic Cleansing Plan. Since 2001, he proposes to establish four townships in the occupied West Bank, hermetically sealed, which would be grouped the Palestinians. He sees it as a solution for the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who are more than one million, to move the vast majority of the group in tightly closed, self-administered areas. Thus would arise a State ethnically homogeneous from the Mediterranean Sea until the Jordan, sheltering in its midst Palestinian “Bantustans”.
Lieberman can realize his plan because Washington blocks all the UN resolutions critical of Israel (settlements, human rights violations, killing civilians, bombings, terror,).