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Vietnam: American Holocaust


This film is available on DVD with 5 extra features including one written by Martin Sheen at Amazon.com or http://VietnamAmericanHolocaust.com.

The United States killed between 3 and 5 million people in the Vietnam War. This feature looks at the history of that war and the how and why it happened using interviews with participates on both sides, speeches, conversation and actual wartime footage. Contains graphic violence.



Photo: Vietnam Agent Orange Victims 

Severely disabled and abandoned at birth, 124 children live at the Ba Vi Orphanage and Elderly home near Hanoi, Vietnam. They are believed to be 3rd generation Agent Orange(a defoliant used by the US military during the Vietnam War) victims, but nothing is known about their family history and the center lacks the resources to conduct medical tests to prove such a link.

For the 124 children there is one doctor, two nurses, and six caretakers. Eighty percent of the children are mentally disabled. The center receives national funding of $15 USD for every child per month.

Most of the children live a life without recreation, education, or physical therapy and spend the majority of their day in wooden chairs or in mass beds. Some of the children more prone to wandering off at night or harming the other children are kept in locked iron cages overnight and during afternoon naps. The majority of the children will live their entire lives at the center.
Currently the Vietnam Victims of Agent Orange Association is campaigning against US Chemical Companies involved in producing the dioxin during the Vietnam War seeking compensation for all its victims.
Anyone interested in donating money to the orphn age please visit www.hscv.org


Libya: uranium bombs – Amnesty International

Yesterday, someone of Amnesty International was talking on TV about the violation of human rights in Syria. But Amnesty International says nothing about the destruction of Libya with an UN-mandate whereby Libyan civilians are bombed with uranium bombs. There were already 5.000 bombings now and also members of the future Libyan generations will die as a result of the depleted uranium in the bombs. The western ‘free’ en ‘democratic’ world does not talk about these war crimes.

Photo: Victims of US bombings with the chemical defoliant Agent Orange. The US was never condamned for these war crimes. The US president was never accused of a ‘crime against humanity’.

Vietnam: bombed for ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom’

17 June 2011 – Vietnam started the first phase of a joint plan with the US to clean up environmental damage caused by the chemical defoliant Agent Orange.
Vietnam’s Red Cross estimates up to 3 million Vietnamese have suffered health-related problems from Agent Orange exposure.
Most victims are dead…


Photo: victim of American bombings with Agent Orange

Vietnam, Irak, Yugoslavia, Libanon, Gaza and Libya: bombed to ‘democracy’

In Iraq there was also a so called no fly zone…. Some weeks ago, tens of thousands of Iraqis protested against the American ‘democracy’ in their country which is catastrophic for the people. Surrounded by hundreds of police, soldiers and rooftop snipers, with military helicopters buzzing overhead, protesters waved Iraqi flags and signs reading “Bring the Light Back” (a reference to the lack of electricity), “No to Corruption!” and “I’m a Peaceful Man.” Security forces used tear gas, water cannons, sound bombs and live bullets to disperse the crowds. At least 19 people were killed. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad said that Iraq’s security forces “generally have not used force against peaceful protesters.”

Monsanto: misdaad loont

Slechts 10 bedrijven controleren bijna de helft van de mondiale zaadmarkt. Monsanto is onlangs het grootste zaadbedrijf ter wereld geworden.

Monsanto was de producent van Agent Orange dat in de oorlog tegen Vietnam op grote schaal werd gebruikt. Tussen 1962 en 1971 sproeide het Amerikaanse leger bijna 46 miljoen liter van het ontbladeringsmiddel over Zuid-Vietnam en delen van Cambodja en Laos. De bedoeling was om Vietcongopstandelingen en Noord-Vietnamese troepen zo dekking van de dichte jungle en voedsel te ontnemen. De Vietnamezen (en de amerikaanse Vietnam-soldaten) kampen nog steeds met gezondheidsproblemen door het landbouwgif.

Monsanto is ook de producent van Aspartaam. Ondanks onderzoek dat uitwees dat Aspartaam, beter gekend als NutraSweet (o.a. Canderel), verantwoordelijk was voor hersenkankers bij proefdieren, werd het zoetmiddel vanaf 1981 door de Amerikaanse Food and Drug Administration (FDA) goedgekeurd voor voedingsmiddelen. De goedkeuring was puur gebaseerd op politieke en financiële belangen, niet op wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Het zoetmiddel zit in meer dan 6000 voedingsmiddelen verwerkt. Van kindervitamines over dranken, brood, snoepgoed tot andere zoals kauwgum. Vanwege de steeds grotere toename van kanker, obesitas, diabetes, hoge cholesterol, hartfalen, migraine, blindheid, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgie, lupus, ALS, Alzheimer, Parkinson, autisme, ADHD, asthma, epilepsie, depressies, osteoporosis, arthritis, alergiën enz, wordt aangenomen dat Aspartaam hier mede verantwoordelijk voor is.

Op 31 augustus 2008 sloot Monsanto zijn boekjaar af met een recordwinst van 2 miljard dollar (1.47 miljard Euro).

– Monsanto – wie de voeding beheerst, beheerst de wereld
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